Father’s Day: Candy Filled Tie Pots – Step by step

Father’s day: Practically every time we would get my dad something for Father’s day……yep, you guessed it.  A new Candy Filled tie.

And good grief, he wore some ugly gifted ties from us back in the day. Now, because of that, ties always come to mind for Father’s day. Okay, this isn’t a real tie……..but there’s a tie slapped right on this candy pot for Father’s Day.

The celebratory Father’s Day tie. Nothing says “I Love You” more than that.  Right?

Would you like to make your own Candy Filled Tie Pot?

First, paint a terracotta pot (mine were 5 1/2 inches tall) …..and let dry completely.

Then, cut out a tie shape out of paper. Use your tie pattern piece to cut out a fabric tie piece and a felt tie piece.

Sew the fabric tie to the felt tie, stitching right around the edges.  (Use a big stitch length so that the two layers don’t shift so much.)

Then, hot glue the tie right to your painted pot.

Then hot glue a Styrofoam ball down in the bottom of your pot.

Now, print out “Happy Father’s Day!” on card-stock, cut it out in a flag shape (if desired) and then glue it to the end of a shortened thin wooden dowel.  Glue the message to the dowel.

Stick the other end of the wooden dowel down into the Styrofoam ball.

Then pour in the yummy treats.

And you’re set. All ready to celebrate the Father’s in our lives.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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