Father’s Day: How to make “Dad’s Stache” tray – Step by step

I thought it would be fun to challenge myself not to spend any money on additional materials (not too hard considering the bounty that was in the box) and I came up with this fun upcycled craft for Father’s Day. It’s a “Dad’s Stache” tray.

A tray for all his stuff with a picture of mustache on it.

I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with this when I started so I gathered some tools, a little paint, and drink tray from a sinfully delicious burger joint the hubby and I like to frequent late at night when the kids are in bed. I’ve got a whole stash of stuff like this –  toilet paper rolls, empty yogurt cups, mason jars, etc. – for crafting and playing.

I started by using my new scissor to cut off the tray portion.  Then I went around the edges with my X-ACTO craft knife (which is bright pink, how fun is that?)

Then it was time to start making the thing pretty.  I added a layer of white craft paint and while that was drying I tried out one of the painters markers and added some white stripes to some left over letter stickers I had lying around.

Then I used another painter marker to draw the mustache.

Lastly I added some of Elmer’s designer tape all around the edges to finish them off. This is the stuff I was most excited to get to play with. It’s just like washi tape, easily put on and taken off.

That was it. Now my hubby will have his own place to put all his stuff when he rolls in the door every night.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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