DIY Envelope Easter Bunny tutorial – Step by step

DIY Envelope Easter Bunny tutorial – Step by step

Required Material:

  • Bunny patterns
  • Small envelope
  • White, black, and pink craft paper
  • Pink pompom
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Print this

Print bunny printable and trace shapes on to white and pink craft paper. Cut two 4″ long strips out of black craft paper. Glue the pink ears on top of the white ears and glue to the back of the envelope (see pic2.) Turn envelope around and glue teeth below the envelope flap (see pic3.) Glue the whiskers on the flap tip (see pic4.) Glue pink pompon on top of the whiskers and draw eyes with the black marker to finish the bunny. Children can place Easter words inside the bunny or make a Happy Easter card from a index card.



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