DIY Easter Finger bunny puppets Tutorial – Step by step

DIY Easter Finger bunny puppets Tutorial – Make Bunny cartoon puppets using felt sheet and simple sewing technique. Any mom easily make it for your child on this Easter and It become your child’s favorite cartoon which is made by her mom.

Required Material:

  • Felt sheet (in any two color)
  • Sewing material,
  • Yarn


  1. Cut same sized bunny shaped four piece from felt sheet (as shown in below picture)
  2. Put them as shown below and sew them from corner.
  3. Make a Nose and whiskers of bunny using different colored thread.
  4. For a whiskers, Tie a little knot and leave one inch thread.
  5. Make a yarn pom pom for bunny tail as shown in below picture. Wrap yarn on finger then tie yarn in between and finally cut them. You can get more clear idea from below image.


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