DIY Ice Cream Cone Garland tutorial – Step by step

Ice Cream Cone Garland for Birthday Party Decoration. Here is an easy project for an ice cream or a sweets party.  This colorful and festive garland looks delicious enough to eat.

Required Material:
  • 5″ Honeycomb balls
  • Construction paper
  • String or twine
  • Hole puncher
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Trace the stencil provided.
  2. Cut out the cone and fold along the fold line.
  3. Glue the cone together on the fold tab.
  4. Open honeycomb.
  5. Punch a hole through the cardboard at the top of the honeycomb.
  6. Seal the honeycombs closed.
  7. Glue the honeycomb to the cone by making a ring of glue along the top of the cone.
  8. Tie the string to the ice cream cone.


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