How to make a Beachy Terrarium – Step by step

Turn all manner of vessels into mini landscapes, then watch them grow, thrive and bloom! These clever miniature ecosystems are now popping up everywhere – but with a modern twist. Planted in glass bowls, vases or even large light bulbs, terrariums are ideal for injecting a stylish green touch to your home, particularly if you don’t have much space or time to look after plants.

Gather your supplies

  • Large glass bowl
  • Blue rainbow sand
  • Medium-sized river pebbles
  • Sydney sand
  • Propagating sand
  • Selection of succulents (we used Mexican bush sedum, aloe, string of pearls, tillandsia, Euphorbia caputmedusae, Crassula ‘Gollum’)

You’ll also need

Chopsticks or sturdy sticks; funnel; paintbrush; small pieces of driftwood; ‘dead’ rock; fish ornament

Hope you like this Beachy Terrarium step by step tutorial.

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