How to Cut a Pentagon from a Square (origami trick)

Origami Trick to Make Pentagon: An origami trick to make a pentagon (instructions below). The advantage of the origami method is that it works for any size sheet of paper, however big or small.

Require Material:

  • a square sheet of paper
  • some scissors

Fold the square in half:

Fold up the bottom left corner to the top, then unfold again.

Fold the top left corner to the bottom, then unfold again.

Fold the bottom right corner to the center of the X-shaped crease.

Fold the top layer in half.

Fold up edge AB to lie along edge AC.

Turn over the paper. Then fold in half along this line.

Cut along the edge of the top layer

Unfold, and you have a perfect pentagon 🙂

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Hope you like this tutorial.

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