DIY Paper 3D Marigold flower tutorial – Step by step

DIY Paper 3D Marigold flower tutorial – Step by step


1.  Cut out all the pieces.
2.  Adhere the circle pieces together then squish the points up as shown.
3.  Place adhesive along the straight edge of one of the fringe pieces.  Place the center circle piece toward one end.
4.  Begin wrapping the center, rolling the fringe piece tightly.
5.  After rolling the first fringe piece, adhere the second and roll it around the other.
6.  Once you have those together, stand the piece up and pull out the fringe pieces so your center looks similar to this now.
7.  Curl up the petal pieces with a skewer or pencil.
8.  Adhere the center piece in the middle of the smallest flower.
9-11.  Begin adding in the other flower pieces going from smallest to largest, staggering the petals as you add.
12. Add on the leaf pieces and stem.

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