DIY Paper Folded Wall Art tutorial – Step By Step

Here is a super cute, simple and cheap way to make a unique wall art. All you need to do is to fold some multi-colored square paper and attach them to a foam board or cardboard with glue or double sided tape. It will add a sweet and colorful touch to your wall and home decorations.

DIY Paper Folded Wall Art tutorial - Step By Step


  1. Find the center point on a square of paper by bending it in half and pressing a crease at the midpoint. Open the square, rotate 90 degrees, and repeat.
  2. The center of the square is where the two creases meet.
  3. Fold each corner of the square to the center point.
  4. When you’ve got a collection of squares folded, arrange them on a piece of foam board or cardboard and secure them in rows with double-stick tape. Done!


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