DIY Recycled Newspaper Bead Bracelet tutorial – Step by step

Recycled Newspaper Bead Bracelet: Quick, cheap recycled project that you love to wearing or giving as a gift. Make beautiful beads from recycled newspaper, magazines, brochures, last year’s calendars, and wrap paper and more. This project is less time consuming. So let’s try to make your own Jewellery Set.

Required Material:

  • 1 page from an old magazine, junk mail, calendar, brochure or a piece of gift wrapping paper
  • A paper cutter with marked measurements
  • A glue stick
  • Wooden toothpicks
  • Clear nail polish and a small piece of styrofoam (optional, see Step 4)
  • Elastic beading cord (about 9-10″)
  • Leftover silver and glass beads
  • Cuticle scissors

Step-1: Cut the magazine / Newspaper into triangular strips as shown in the picture.

Step-2: With the help of toothpick and one paper strip. Roll the WIDE end of the paper strip completely around the toothpick ONE rotation. Now take glue stick and quickly cover the remaining paper surface with glue. Than slip the paper “BEAD” off the toothpick.

Step-3: You can add a gloss coating to the beads, that helps the bead to be more water-resistant. (Optional)

Step-4: Final step to organizing your beads into a “stringing” order. Cut the beading cord in a 9-10″ piece. If you are making a bracelet for a child or smaller wrist, adjust the size accordingly.

All done. Enjoy your Recycled Paper “BEAD BRACELET”.

I hope you like this tutorial. Share with others 🙂

Image Source: Always All The Time Crafting

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