DIY Swirly Paper Flowers – Step by step

How easy to make and rewarding these simple DIY swirly paper flowers are. Whether it’s adding a touch of color and magic to the rooms of your home, decorating a gift basket or simply letting someone special know you’re thinking of them, these little beauties carry so much more meaning than a store-bought bouquet ever could.

And like all amazing craft projects – it’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved and see just how creative you can all be!

They’re really easy and fun to make, hope you like’em!

Required Material:

  1. Colored paper,
  2. Customized colored paper,
  3. Scissor,
  4. Glue.

Step 2: Preparing Paper Strips

Step 3: Cutting Fringes

Step 4: Making Swirls

Step 5: Making the Stem

Step 6: Making the Flower)

Step 7: Adding Leaves

Hope you like these step by step Swirly Paper Flowers.

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