DIY Transparent floral bracelet tutorial – Step by step

Wonderful fashion tutorial to create a transparent floral bracelet that you can brag about. Its easy to make without spending money. So let’s try it.

Required Material:

  • Bracelet mold for epoxy resin,
  • Double component epoxy resin,
  • A container to mix resin,
  • Stirring stick,
  • Dry leaves,
  • Toothpick,
  • Scissors


  1. Wash mold to remove dust.
  2. Mix epoxy resin (3 parts resin to 1 part hardener)
  3. Prepare the dry leaves
  4. Pour carefully epoxy resin into the mold.
  5. Put leaves into the mold.
  6. Now, Preheat oven to 80oC / 176oF , turn it off, and  ventilate a little. Than put the mold into the oven for 10-15min.
  7. Remove bracelet from the mold.

The bracelet is ready!

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