KIDS ACTIVITY: DIY Washi Tape Snake Tutorial – Step by step

This craft was originally shared over at Brassy Apple. I’m excited to share the tutorial with you here as well. We love washi tape crafts at our house! Since we have been reading some books about snakes lately we decided to make a simple Cardboard Roll Washi tape Snake Craft that uses washi tape.

Required Materials:

  • 3 toilet paper rolls cut in half
  • washi tape (varying colors and patterns)
  • hole punch
  • string or yarn
  • scissors
  • 2 googly eyes
  • small piece of red yarn (or red strip of paper if you don’t have red yarn)
  • glue dots (or school glue)


1. Cut your 3 toilet paper rolls in half and lay the pieces down to make a long snake shape. Gather together the washi tape you want to use to make your snake.

2. Use the washi tape to decorate your toilet paper rolls. I found it easiest to tear off a piece of washi tape and wrap it all the way around the toilet paper roll. I covered my rolls completely but smaller children probably won’t cover them completely. That’s ok! The craft still turns out adorable!

3. When you are finished decorating your pieces, line your snake up exactly as you want it and use your hole punch to punch holes in the toilet paper role pieces to connect them together. The inside pieces will need a hole on each end, but the two outside pieces will only need one hole punched in them.

4. Now connect all the pieces together. Cut a piece of your string or yarn, thread it through one hole from one of the toilet rolls and another hole in another toilet roll and tie a knot. Cut off any excess string. Continue this process connecting all 6 pieces together.

5. Finish your snake by turning it over and gluing on googly eyes and a piece of red yarn for a tongue. We used glue dots instead of school glue so we wouldn’t have to wait for drying time.

The snake is able to lay straight but also curve and fold up into a ball like snakes like to do. It makes it super fun for pretend play! One of my favorite things about this craft is that there was no messy painting involved so this is awesome if you are looking for something to do with easy cleanup.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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