Kids Craft: Weaving Rainbow Fish Tutorial – Step by step

Make this unique weaving rainbow fish with your kiddos! All you really need is paper and glue!

The kids could really choose any colors they would like though.

Supplies Needed:

  • Rainbow colored paper
  • Googly eye (or make one out of paper)
  • White or black card stock paper
  • Scissors/glue

Start by cutting strips of the colored paper (using the long side). Cut out the shape of a fish with card stock paper and fold it in half. Use a scissors and cut slits close together not going too close to the bottom and mouth.

Weave the colored pieces of paper through and trim the top and bottom to look like fish fins. Add the extra scraps around the body and add yellow ones on the tail. So cute!

Hope you like this step by step tutorial.

Source: crafty morning

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