Woven Circle Mat DIY Project – Step by step

Weaving is one of the most ancient needlework classes and ways to create fabrics. Classic weaving involves the use of user-friendly tools. At home, you can use not only ready but also create their own. Most often used for this purpose wooden frame with stuffed carnations on the perimeter. But there are ways even easier – I think they will like especially to those who make or only the first in weaving, or so one-time dream to rid your home of unwanted tissue. For the production of very simple “machine for weaving” we are with you will need only the cardboard boxes of unnecessary, but what for details see below.

Stored all that can be brought into a state. You can not limit yourself to just thread and ropes – unnecessary tear the fabric into strips and turn in glomeruli.

Required Material:
– a variety of yarn, paracord, twine, rope, strips of fabric, pom pom trim, etc.
– cardboard with at least a 22″ diameter (or foam board)
– scissors or X-Acto knife
– pen
– ruler

Of a cut circle of the desired size to us and we put a pen or pencil line of the future foundation. Along the edges a little incision.

Form the basis of a future thread mat

And now proceed to weave – from the center.

After the end of weaving cut the thread and tie them in pairs.

back side

Form a brush

Our cozy carpet ready!

I wish you all good luck and endless inspiration !!

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