How to make Woven Paper Quilling Flower Basket

Nice Paper Quilling gift Flower Basket step by step:

step 1: Take a look at this beautiful paper

Step 2: Start the production: with a vibrator to cut out a round lace with discs, paper cut out the thin strips

Step 3: The round piece is cut into two pieces, the thin paper is attached to the semicircular piece, and a rectangular piece is cut, and the width and the semicircle are equal

Step 4: Another yellow note attached to the side of the rectangular paper,

Step 5: The semi-circular paper is pasted on the side of the rectangular sheet and begins to weave

Step 6: We can now clearly see from the top view the vertical intertwined between them

Step 7: After the paper is knitted to the top, it is folded into the inside

Step 8: Long strip of paper wrapped around the brown paper, two stickers in the inside of the small basket, small pieces of magnet with hot melt glue gun fixed in the back of the small basket

Step 9: Insert the flower paper into the basket

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